Candidates for U.S. House of Representatives

District 3:      Joyce Beatty (D)        John Adams (R)

District 4:      Janet Garrett (D)       Jim Jordan (R)          

District 12:   Pat Tiberi (R)              Ed Albertson (D)         Joe Manchik (G)

District 15:   Steve Stivers (R)        Scott Wharton (D)

Teachers using DoubleClick Democracy can go to to either The Columbus Dispatch Voter's Guide or  Vote411 and enter their school address to see the districts on the official ballot. Then use the links below to access the website for the candidates on our ballots. 

Election Lessons

2016 Election Resources

On Tuesday, November 8, Ohio voters will choose the next U.S. President, U.S. Senator, members of congress, state legislators and many others. These decisions will have a huge effect on everyday lives.

Kids Voting DoubleClick Democracy polls open Oct. 17 until 4:00pm on Tues., Nov. 8th.

Delaware County Commissioner

Gary Merrell (R)


BALLOTPEDIA  The Encyclopedia of American Politics has the candidates on the Ohio ballot and links to background information and other resources.

Presidential Candidate Links
Hillary Clinton (D)      Donald Trump (R)   
Gary Johnson (L)         
Jill Stein (G)            

Franklin County Commissioner

John O'Grady (D)     Whitney Smith (R)

Political Parties/National                                                           Political Parties/Ohio
Democratic Party                                                                         Ohio Democratic Party

Republican Party                                                                           Ohio Republican Party   

Green Party                                                                                     Ohio Green Party

Libertarian Party                                                                           Ohio Libertarian Party

Delaware County Commissioner

Jeff Benton (R)

Franklin County Commissioner

Kevin Boyce (D)     Terry Boyd (R)

Candidates for Ohio Senate (16th District)

Cathy Johnson (D)    Stephanie L. Kunzie (R)


 Kids Voting Central Ohio

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Candidates for Ohio Supreme Court

Chief Justice:     Maureen O'Connor

Justice/Jan. 1 Term:     John O'Donnell      Pat Fischer

Justice/Jan. 2 Term:    Pat DeWine     Cynthia Rice

Issues on the DoubleClick Democracy ballots

Issue 60 - COTA Sales Tax Renewal                           Issue 2 - Columbus Recreation and Parks Bond

Issue 55 -  Bexley City Schools                                   Issue 57 - Columbus City Schools

Issue 51 - Hamilton Township Fire Protection      Issue 58 - Hilliard City Schools

Issue 59 - Westerville City Schools

Candidates for Ohio House of Representatives

District 17:   Adam Miller (D)   John Rush (R)                          District 18:  Kristen Boggs (D)   David Todd (R)   Constance Gadell Newton (G)

District 19:   Anne Gonzales (R)   Michael Johnson (D)         District 20:  Heather Bishoff (D)     Lisa Schacht (R)

District 21:   Mike Duffey (R)   Ryan Koch (D)                          District 22:  Linda L. Jarrett (R)    David Leland (D)

District 23:   Laura Lanese (R)   Lee Schreiner (D)                 District 24:   Jim Hughes  (R)     Kristopher Keller (D)

District 25:   Napoleon A. Bell, ll (Unaffiliated)    Seth Golding (R)    Bernadine Kennedy Kent (D)    

District 26:  Kenneth Collins (R)   Hearcel F. Craig (D)           District 68:  Rick Carfagna (R)     John Russell (D)

District 71:  Joseph S. Begeny (D)   Scott K. Ryan (R)              District 72:   John Carlisle (D)    Larry Householder (R)