Kids Voting Central Ohio

 A program of the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio

 2080 Citygate Dr.

 Columbus, OH 43219


Classroom Activities- Election Lessons
The highly-acclaimed Kids Voting curriculum activities (K-12) are provided to participating schools at no charge. These lessons help meet Ohio academic content standards for social studies, language arts and technology. We also offer training for teachers through workshops tailored to the school’s needs.

At Home Activities
Students learn how to research information on candidates and issues, talk with parents and other adults about elections and voting, and engage in a simulated election in the schools.

Youth at the Booth 
We recruit and train high school seniors to work as precinct officials at the polls for the Franklin County Board of Elections. This real-life learning activity engages students in the election and motivates them to become lifelong voters when they reach voting age. More than 14,000 high school students have worked at the polls since 2005.

Kids Voting Where Civic Begins

We are a nonpartisan civics education organization that collaborates with educators, parents, community leaders, civic organizations, elected officials and election boards to create civic skill-building opportunities for students.

Our combination of classroom instruction, family dialogue, and an authentic voting experience for youth makes Kids Voting a powerful strategy for achieving long-term change in voting behavior!

Our mission is to create lifelong, informed voters among today’s youth; support educators in teaching the rights and responsibilities of citizenship; stimulate political awareness among children and adults; and increase participation in our democracy.

Our classroom lessons and at-home activities encourage lifelong habits of participating in the civic life of the community. The program’s “trickle-up” impact has been shown to improve students’ political knowledge and skills and empower them to motivate parents and others to do the same.  Our major programs are: