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At Home Activities

If your child is taking part in Kids Voting in school this fall, he or she will have a unique opportunity to learn about civics and the electoral process through lessons and democratic activities in the classroom and the experience of casting a Kids Voting ballot at school. Research shows that the skills and habits your child will acquire during the program are enduring and significant.

Your involvement will enhance your child's participation in Kids Voting. To make the most of the experience, please plan to spend some time with your child discussing the candidates and issues and gathering information from television, newspapers and magazines.

Here are a few suggestions for family activities to help you and your students prepare to vote.

Go over the sample ballot.
Choose at least one candidate or elective office to follow. Pick a candidate, then follow them through the media, keeping track of what is said and by whom. Talk with your children about which candidates reflect your views.

Critique the political ads.
Which slogans and messages are the candidates communicating in their advertising? Ask your kids about the ads. Are they negative, warm and fuzzy, humorous or scary? Which type of ads do they remember best and why?

Encourage kids to talk to older family members about their voting histories. Who was the first presidential candidate they voted for? Who were their all-time favorite candidates, and did they win or lose?

Have a family discussion about politics:

Why do you think voting is important?Why do you think some people don't vote?What characteristics do you think a candidate should have?How can we find information about the candidates?Which candidate do you support? Why?What are the elective offices that are on the ballot this year?What are some problems in our community?What can we do as a family to help our community?

Take your kids with you when you go to vote.
One of the most enduring lessons children can receive is to accompany you to the polls when you vote. The example you set is irreplaceable. If you vote regularly, your children are far more likely to vote when they come of age. Please plan now so that you or another adult can take your child to the polls so they can see the official voting process in person.

Get registered!
You cannot cast your vote unless you're registered. If you are unsure if you are registered or about how or where to register, click on the appropriate county Board of Elections link below.
Franklin County
Delaware County
Fairfield County
Union County

To make voting more meaningful, you might have your student do one of the following activities and then discuss together the results:Ask family members if they are traditionally Democrat or Republican and why.Ask if they remember a particular election and why.Ask how Election Day was different when they first voted.Ask who they felt was a great or the greatest American president and why.

More At Home Activities
Check out additional activities in the Kids Voting Family Activities [PDF].