DoubleClick Democracy

Recent Kids Voting staff reductions and the lack of staff resources at the ESC to continue this work means that Kids Voting will not be able to provide the DoubleClick Democracy mock election to our schools this year.

However, if your schools are interested in holding a mock election this year, we can recommend several other options for your schools to investigate. 

In addition, our Voting and Elections Links page has lots of great resources to use to help teach students about elections, campaigns and voting. 

iCivics website has a three-day simulation through which students act out the campaigning and voting process by simulating a real election in their own classroom.
Scholastic offers a mock election program including lesson plans for grades 3-5 and 6-8

The NEA website had extensive resources and lessons for the 2016 election, which are likely to be updated and repeated for 2020.

 We are disappointed to have to discontinue the DoubleClick Democracy program and we appreciate the efforts you and your schools have made to provide this learning experience to your students these past years. 


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