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DoubleClick Democracy

The Kids Voting DoubleClick Democracy ballot for the November general election is not available at this point.   Remember, the adult voter registration deadline is October 7, 2019 to be eligible to vote in the November 5 general election. Adults can register online or update their voter information through the Ohio Secretary of State’s website

Find Your Candidates
Although there are lots of candidates on the ballot, keep in mind that when a student enters an ID number, only those candidates in the districts that represent their school building address will come up. 

Candidate and Issue Information
Information will be updated for the 2019 DoubleClick Democracy ballot.

What's on the Ballot?  Enter your address here to see the races on the adult ballot. You will then be able to go to our Election Resources page to find a link to the candidates on the Kids Voting DoubleClick Democracy ballot. 

DoubleClick Manual
For those new to the DoubleClick voting process, or those who just want a refresher, the DoubleClick Democracy manual describes the process step by step.