Kids Voting Central Ohio

 A program of the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio

 2080 Citygate Dr.

 Columbus, OH 43219


Other Useful Sites . . .

Center for Responsive Politics /

OpenSecrets offers a detailed picture of campaign contributions by industry, organization or candidate. The database goes back 10 years, and covers everyone who ran, or is running, for President or Congress. The data is public information from Federal Election Commission reports.

E-The People

A public forum that encourages active citizens to connect with their government and each other. Includes resources to create a petition, write a letter, and sign a petition.

Kids Voting USA

Kids Voting USA fosters an informed, participating electorate by educating and actively engaging students and their families in voting and other elements of effective civic engagement. The site includes teacher resources and student and family activities.

The Political Compass

If you're curious about where your own opinions place you on the political grid, complete the six-page questionnaire at the Political Compass to find out just how authoritarian or libertarian - not just left or right - you are.

Political Cartoons Websites

This site provides collections of political cartoons by topic and by cartoonists.

Hosted by Newspapers in Eduction online and the Association of American Cartoonists, this site has resources for teachers, such as History Through Cartoons and a weekly Classroom Caption Contest.

Political cartoons of the day are collected. Additional galleries present cartoons on topics that are currently trending.

Want to know what the American public thinks about health care reform? The environment? President Obama? Congress? PollingReport posts data from opinion surveys from dozens of sources: CNN, Gallup, Pew, Harris, CBS News, even TIME. You can view poll results by topic (Iraq, Iran, national health insurance) or scan the home page for links tagged with today's or yesterday's date to see what's just been added. The website is independent and nonpartisan.